Regarding LCA, which stands for Life Cycle Analysis, I make both computation jobs where companies want me compare different products so they can get ideas about how their product is doing in comparison with e.g. a market leader. This is serious studies based on a lot of assumptions, so the results are only for internal use. I also help companies to build their own LCA activities and make known critical review of the LCA work of others when they want an independent reviewer for their help.

Fact sheet LCA, Fact sheet Eco efficiency


EPD stands for Environmental Product Declaration. I help companies to build their own EPD activity, i.e. by developing EPD or build EPD processes. I am an individual authenticator for the EPD approved by the Environmental Management Council. But I make most such verification tasks as an accredited service through Bureau Veritas. This is because most companies so far have liked it that way. Fact sheet EPD


Currently put all the power of Ecodesign development on my bokkoncept, the subject and lectures at KTH. But eventually, I hope for commissiones as coaching product development departments in this, as well as provide basic information to company managers about how to work to get a "greener" product. Fact sheet Ecodesign


CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. In the current situation I work exclusively with this area in the form of SMETA audits, these on behalf of Bureau Veritas since they are listed as approved for the norm in the SEDEX. If a work only about coaching, then I can do it in-house, i.e. without accreditation.

Fact sheet CSR


EMS stands for Environmental Management System. Audits of these systems, and of course also quality management systems and energy, are made solely on behalf via Bureau Veritas as it is accredited services. Does the work only cover the system design or coaching in the subject, I usually run it in-house.


GHG, stands for Green House Gases. This is about "emission allowances", and this is again an accredited service. If the verification of emission reports must therefore also be done through Bureau Veritas. Structure of control I can do in-house, the same thing applies to all audits related to the alternative pollution rights method CDM.

Sustainability Criteria (HBK)

HBK is Swedish and a short name for sustainability criteria for biofuels. This is not an accredited service so these types of assignments, i.e. act as an independent inspector or building control, I do in-house. Fact sheet HBK

New assignments

As maybe seen, I am not afraid to change course or "looking outside the box". If an interesting assignment shows up I always first take that in mind. Often, having a brief discussion during a meeting to clarify the details, can help me to decide if it is something for me or not.

Some new products are in the pipeline, these are:

Business-oriented quality management - Fact sheet business-oriented quality management

Sustainability reporting - Fact sheet Sustainability reporting