Who is Göran Brohammer?


I have always been interested in nature and environment. I grew up in a family where hiking in the mountains, picking mushrooms and going out on the sea with our boat were important elements. But I do not really think that's where my interest in the environment started, rather through a passion for trying to understand the world around me and how everything works. This is really nothing strange, but common engineering mentality.

I studied additional biology during my time at the technical high school, it was necessary in some way to neutralize the knowledge of the technologies and materials. My studies at Chalmers began with mechanical engineering, but even there I slipped into another direction and I chose energy as specialization. I became involved in the nuclear issue and stood on the barricades as nuclear opponent, something that perhaps make some raise eyebrows bout today, but everything has its time. I was also active in the CPM, which stands for Centre for product-related environmental analysis, at Chalmers and chairman of the network Swedish product ecologists.

Industry experience and previous work

The start of my carrier

My first job in the early 80's was to do an energy balance on a textile dyeing factory and then try to implement savings, something that did alright considering my age but gave many lessons too. But then there was again much technology and other things, and my commitment to the environment ended up somewhat in the background. But something that was significantly from the start was that I have great momentum in terms of development and innovation, so this has followed me through all the jobs I have had throughout my life.

During my time at a major pulp company in Sweden in the early 90's I suddenly headed back to my former environmental thrust. This happened when I, during a lesson by the teacher Gustav Sundström, got to learn about the environmental tool LCA. LCA stands for Life Cycle Analysis and it is a fantastic tool which fitted perfectly with my interest to understand the world around me.

My interest in LCA – Life Cycle Analysis

During the same time as mentioned above the Product ecology project was driven in Sweden and it was followed by the NEP in Norway. A lot of other actors like Boustedt and Franklin were dealing with pretty much the same things. SETAC was developing a “Code of Conduct” which is a sort of precursor to today's environmental standard series ISO 14040th. LCA was on the agenda everywhere and many research institutes and universities operated a variety of projects, the industry had been hard to keep up with but the big companies often had their own experts.

Many felt that LCA became a little too academic tool, and as time went on the public interest waned a bit, but not with me. I wrote the book Product ecology to see if I could contribute to reviving the public interest again, and maybe it did some good. I myself was as a consultant at that time, and since the LCA jobs were scarce I also worked with other things such as environmental education and environmental audits. During a time at a research institute I did also some work related research, and research on environmental indicators.

The transition to EPD and the current situation

One day in the late 90's, the phone rang and it was a former executive at a company I worked at before. He offered me to travel to Japan and verify an EPD, i.e. an environmental product declaration, for a copier. This was the start to my EPD travel which also has continued since then. I have tested several different items within the workplace since then, Environmental Manager, CEO etc. but I am now back in the groove I started, the environmental groove and a consultant. This time, I run my own business, Extracon AB, and it is from here that all my assignments are based.
At my age one has made quite a lot of things in life, and I have for some time thought in different courses about what to do for the rest of my active work part of life. Getting employment is probably over, I thrive as a consultant. But I’m still strongly driven by my interest in the environment, of interest in life cycle analysis and the EPD, but with the expanded scope I got over time on energy, CSR, biofuels, carbon footprint, etc.

Future thinking and keywords

But maybe it's so that one must consider function over product, I cannot possibly know what lies in the future. That's how we think of green product, so why not practice this mind-set for personal development?
With my training and now long and wide experience, both nationally and internationally, I focus on the keywords; creativity, development, problem solving, learning, create newsworthy, understand relationships, break down complex information into simplified sub-steps. All these are things I’m driven by and feel passionate for.

These keywords can summarize the activities I pursue through my company Extracon today and are you interested in reading more about the services and “products” I offer, please check out the other sections under "About me" where I give you more deeply information about my working experience with each product. Do you just want a short product description you will find this under "Services".