My consulting work

I'm a bit of a miscellaneous laborer, and I work with a bit of everything, but over the years I have realized that there are some things that give me more energy, and where I have more strengths. I am an entrepreneur and works best in the starting stages when something is being built up. I'm good at making in-depth analysis, investigations, surveys and audits of complex problems and I can often find a way forward. I am also good at supporting others in doing these things.

I can now see that many jobs I have had earlier have been just those kind of jobs, e.g. survey, investigations, examinations, analysis and method developments, system developments, development of communication and educations. I have worked all over the world and therefore I do not think geographically broad mission is a limit. I speak mainly English at the side of my mother of tongue which is Swedish. If a work would require a second language skill, this can usually be solved with the help of an interpreter.
More specific information about the already packaged services I work with can be found below under the section "Services".