Sustainability criteria for biofuels

In summer 2010, I received an email from the energy authority regarding a referral for an upcoming legislation concerning certain sustainability criteria for biofuels. It was based on an EU directive, the so-called Sustainability Directive. For some reason I printed the document and took it with me out in the boat on my vacation, and I also managed to give my opinions about it. I do not know if these were interesting or had any effect, but it meant by extension that a year later I was asked if I could act as an independent reviewer of the control systems required for this legislation.
So in 2012, I both built these control systems and acted independent reviewer. One could make use of LCA expertise, carbon verification expertise and audit expertise at the same time. There was a kind of combination of these.

The control system is based on the identification of risk along the supply chain until the fuel is burned. The identification is made with respect to traceability and possible involvement of fossil material in biofuel. In addition, we make an estimate of how much carbon dioxide you benefit from using the current biofuel compared to fossil fuel. A bit tricky when some of the fuel's origin is bought well beyond EU borders.