GHG - Emissions

Climate change can hardly have passed by anyone unnoticed. Although still today there are some sceptics, but the majority are now on track. Personally I do not know why one should be so critical of the inadequate climate models, which probably is not that inadequate, when at the same time we trust even more inadequate political and economic models every day. In any case the Kyoto Protocol, which was a kind of driver, have expired and they have not yet gotten to a new agreement. Instead we can see more decision of the "manifestations" coming up. In the wake the concept of emission allowances established, the first in came up in Europe but now also elsewhere e.g. China.

I slipped into this in a little tricky way when I would return to Bureau Veritas, as CEO. One did not want to make this change too quickly because the organizational situation was a little complex right then. In this transition period, I was asked by Bureau Veritas to investigate how they would act in respect of the forthcoming EU legislation concerning emissions trading. For me that was an unexplored topic but since then I have been strongly committed to it. In 2005, I began verifying emissions reports on carbon emissions.

I cannot say that this is evolving in the same way as the LCA, but you get a good understanding of the carbon emissions from different activities and it is instructive. A lot has to do with verifying the measurements and data for the fossil fuels burned during the year, but also measurement techniques and uncertainties in measurements and calculations. Nowadays there is a more recent legislation in this so it will be tightened up further.