EPD - Environmental Product Declarations

I worked for some time at a research institute where the head from one of my former employer called and asked if I would consider myself a trip to Japan. It was in the year 2000 and I had never been to Asia, so just that thought was tempting. I had previously, but only passively, followed the EPD development and now I suddenly got a reason to study it more deeply and develop procedures for how to verify an EPD. The work itself was later fine-tuned on site.

One must have some flexibility while accepting such unexplored tasks, but my opinion is that it worked out well. Once at site it was just to play the game fully. There was no one to ask or rely on as this was the first EPD mission in Japan, the company in question was a pioneer. But by time we learned to work well together and I got more missions for this company. Gradually there appeared EPD commissioned also in Sweden so I switched job and ended up, for the first time, at the company Bureau Veritas (www.bureauveritas.se), a collaboration that has been going on and off since then.

As mentioned earlier, the LCA is a "marriage" between LCA and EPD, and therefore EPD suited very well into my environmental world. EPD, that without actually saying so much more than the actual values ​​on the environment, was a good representation of the results of an LCA. Then it's up to the reader to compare the EPDs according to need and interest. The contents are based on LCA, but is also reviewed by an impartial third person, creating credibility. As the old LCA fox I have become, I more and more often get engaged to be just such an independent reviewer of the EPD, a job that is very educational and fun. EPD follows the approach of the standard ISO14025 and I work primarily with the International EPD ® system (www.environdec.com), which is an application of this standard.

In 2011, I developed some parts of the EPD application, called EPD certification process, which probably quite naturally came to me since I have worked with both LCA and management systems before. The use of standards for how the LCA must be carried out for some product categories, so-called PCR, is a good detail in the EPD context. This is because it reduces the risk of rogue information from the LCA calculations made ​​with unacceptable boundaries. Today I have assignments in Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland. Assignments I appreciate and that is very educational. I have noticed an increased interest from businesses in recent years, probably because companies want to show their impact on the climate as a climate declaration or a Carbon Footprint. These are linked to the EPD.